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These Men Replaced All Stars Surrounding Trump’s Hollywood Star — GENIUS!

I would’ve never come up with this idea in one million years.

Trump supporters are getting tired of watching President Trump’s Hollywood walk of fame star get vandalized by snowflakes. So the men in the video below to the bone themselves to fight back uniquely.


Without watch them cover Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Kimmel’s star I couldn’t stop laughing. This type of action is what we need; this is what should be expected from our side when we see one of ours get attacked.

Source: TMZ

Some people might want Donald Trump‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame star scrubbed entirely — but others want more of the same … and made it happen.

Tons of fake Donald Trump stars popped up all over Hollywood Blvd. Thursday up and down the Walk of Fame. It’s unclear whether these are stickers or what … but they’ve flooded the boulevard, flanking A-listers’ like Rob Reiner.

Considering the wave of violent reactions Trump’s star has ignited, we’ll view this a much-needed lighthearted effort. No word yet on who the latest “vandal” might be … but there are endless possibilities taking into account the myriad of stunts pulled on the street.

I want to know what you thought of this stunt by people who were protecting President Trump. Share your comments below and the conversation area and don’t forget to add this to your Twitter and Facebook timeline.

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