These Four Republican Senators Will Oppose Obamacare Repeal If Millions Left Uninsured

The Republicans had over six years to come up with a better plan than the Democrats, and they bombed!

Last night, the House GOP released their replacement plan for Obamacare and out of the major issues Americans had with the bill, the only thing removed was the mandate forcibly requiring Americans to purchase or be penalized.

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Now four Senators are balking at supporting the Republican bill if it leaves millions uninsured as I am sure this is just political grandstanding at its worse.

They need just to repeal it. Repeal the mandate. No tax credits, just tax deductions. Allow competition across State lines. Why can’t the GOP do this very simple thing?

If you haven’t read the bill, it is Obamacare lite. Instead of a fine by the government for not having insurance, you’ll get hit with a 30% late enrollment surcharge. If this is the best the republican congress can do than I vastly overestimated their ability to be any different from the left. Both parties have become a joke.

From Washington Post:

Even so, signs emerged on Monday that Republicans in Congress’s upper chamber could balk either at the cost of the proposal or if it leaves swaths of the country without insurance coverage.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), one of at least three conservative senators who opposes the plan to provide income-based tax credits, tweeted: “Still have not seen an official version of the House Obamacare replacement bill, but from media reports this sure looks like Obamacare Lite!”

And four key Republican senators, all from states that opted to expand Medicaid under the ACA, said they would oppose any new plan that would leave millions of Americans uninsured.

“We will not support a plan that does not include stability for Medicaid expansion populations or flexibility for states,” Sens. Rob Portman (Ohio), Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.), Cory Gardner (Colo.) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) wrote in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

The four senators were split on exactly what proposals would meet their standards, but with 52 Republicans, McConnell would not have enough votes to pass repeal without the support of at least two of them.

If the premiums are so high that you can’t pay for it or the deductibles so high that you don’t go to the doctor, then you may as well be uninsured. Wow, a bunch of establishment idiots. Obamacare has left millions uninsured because they couldn’t afford their extremely expensive plans and decided the fine was less painful. Where is their support for those people? Nowhere to be found.

And Republicans wonder why one of their own didn’t get elected and Donald Trump did? It’s because the people finally figured out they were no different than the Democrats and voted for neither. Drain the swamp!

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