These Five GOP Leaders Slammed Rep. Steve King’s “Somebody Else’s Babies” Tweet

On Sunday, Iowa Rep. Steve King faced a lot of criticism over a tweet he posted on Sunday.

After linking a post about mass migration, King tweeted this.

Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.

In response, at least five GOP leaders condemned King’s remark.

Jeb Bush responded to Rep. Carlos Curbelo’s tweet.

America is a nation of immigrants. The sentiment expressed by Steve King doesn’t reflect our shared history or values.

GOP Congressman promotes the un-American ideas of white nationalism. Will any Republican congressmen condemn his bigotry?

. What exactly do you mean? Do I qualify as “somebody else’s baby?”

It was just last Thursday when Curbelo filed legislation that would give “Dreamers” a pathway to legal citizenship.

Get a clue, . Diversity is our strength. All looking alike is such a waste. A travesty. I wanna be me. All others are taken.

Iowa Rep. David Young did not mention King by name, but his tweets seemed to be about him.

(1/2)America is not about any one color, or one ethnicity, or one faith.

(2/2) America is about self-government, the rule of law, freedom, and the liberties and rights given in our Constitution.

But defenders of King agree that mass migration either needs to be limited or paused.

Ben Shapiro and others said the media twisted his words.

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