The War on Words – Let’s Win this People!

The dictionary defines the word brilliant as having or showing great intelligence and talent.  If the word brilliant were a person, in my opinion it would be Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro is an author, political commentator, Editor-in-Chief of, Editor-at-Large for, and most importantly, Ben Shaprio is on our side.

This week Shapiro was interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show where he spoke about many topics amongst them the left’s use of language to silence the opposition.

For far too long, as conservatives we have allowed the liberal machine and its cohorts in the media to define the Republican party and who we are as conservatives.   Using language, the left manages to paint conservatives as racists for disagreeing with Obama on policy and as the uncaring 1% because we would rather create jobs and not dependency.

According to Shapiro,

‘the left likes to use language to strike at who Republicans are, they are supposed to be these bad nasty horrible people [while] the right uses language to characterize positions, which the left may think wrongly, but it is a criticism of the position and not of the human being.  So they use this linguistic double standard of bashing people on the right as if to say calling someone a socialist is equal to calling someone a racist.

stacy_selfie_Fotor_50While conservatives debate positions with fact, liberals use emotion. Liberals must attack the person rather than the policy and by doing so the opposition spends more time defending themselves versus the positions held.  Leftist understand by attacking the opposition’s policy they open themselves up to having to defend their policy, an untenable position leftists work tirelessly to avoid.

In addition to attacking the opposition personally, the left also applies a double standard when it comes to the use of language.

Words like brilliant have meaning. When a word is used we understand what someone is communicating by applying a meaning to the spoken word.  The left, however, defines and redefines words as needed and for political purposes in order to move forward an agenda.  Words such as Chicago, angry, and Constitution have multiple meanings, but only when used by the right.  Take the word Chicago, when used by the left Chicago means a city in Illinois, but when used by the right, Chicago is code for racist.

The left routinely uses language most would agree is racist, sexist and homophobic with impunity.  Martin Bashir is allowed to resign rather than being fired for his attack on a woman, the Secretary of Education blames white suburban moms for opposition to Common Core and the left, as well as the media’s response…crickets.

Alec Baldwin has repeatedly used gay slurs along with vile language toward women and yet gets a pass from the left. Pundits and LGBT activists like Dan Savage agree Baldwin gets more leeway because his political beliefs  are in line with theirs, thus any abhorrent language and behavior is condoned as long as the perpetrator is a liberal. [Warning, strong language follows]

I would rather be called a cocksucker by someone who supports LGBT equality than called a nicer name by someone who works against it. Crazy!

— Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) November 14, 2013

During the Sean Hannity interview, Shapiro explains how leftists protect themselves with their positions

all of the thought police that goes on in regards to words is really just a guise for ‘you must have the right positions’, because you can say anything you want as long as you agree with [insert liberal name here], but if you are on the other side of the aisle you don’t get the same leeway for using the same exact wording…why should the left pretend to care about words…they just use it as a club to beat up those on the right with whom they disagree.

If the words are bad, they’re bad and people who use them should be punished for doing so if they are ok then they are ok in all situations and the left is really just holding the right to a double standard so they can shut up people they don’t like.

The liberal pundit, Mark Hannah’s brilliant response ‘oh Ben, you’re so sensitive.’

Kudos Mr. Shapiro for recognizing the left and the tactics used to silence the opposition, and for doing what most conservatives and Republicans are incapable of doing, punching back, twice as hard!

I encourage you to listen to the Sean Hannity interview in its entirety, to seek out additional Shapiro interviews and purchase the book Bullies:  How the Lefts Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans.

Shapiro is one of a very few within the Conservative movement and Republican party who understands and is willing to fight back against the left.  The time for taking the high road is over, we must each arm ourselves to recognize liberal tactics, and win the real war being waged, the war on language and words used to silence Americans. Let’d do this people!

Ben Shapiro vs. Mark Hannah on the Sean Hannity Radio Show


Wayne Dupree

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