The Vatican Dismisses Idea of Gender Fluidity!!

I never expected the Vatican to weigh in on this issue so consider me SHOCKED!

On Monday, The Vatican issued an official statement which rejects the idea that has been gaining traction that people can choose or change their genders and while insisting on the sexual “complementarity” of men and women to reproduce.

This whole issue stems from the fact that the education community, particularly in the US, has moved from reproductive education (which is biological) to “sexuality” education (which is social). This type of move in education is typical of the general trend in education from “fact-based” formats to “feelings-based” formats. It is a trend that is not going to stop any time soon.

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Your gender is determined by your chromosomes. Your sexual preference is your own business and there is no need to advertise, protest, proclaim, or announce it to the world. You are, however, allowed to live your best life with people who love you and actively help others to do the same.

The Vatican released a document Monday dismissing the idea of gender fluidity or the ability of people to choose their gender.

The Congregation for Catholic Education released the document to educators, parents and religious leaders as guidance on modern conceptions of gender. The document said there is an “educational crisis” and encouraged a traditional education on gender and the concept of “marriage as being between one man and one woman.”

The Vatican said gender fluidity can lead to “the destabilization of the family.”

Though Pope Francis didn’t sign the document, the Congregation for Catholic Education cited the pontiff in its justifications. Two high-ranking Vatican officials did sign the document — Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi and Archbishop Angelo Vincenzo Zani. [UPI]

The Pope is absolutely right to defend reality against the absurdity of the “I identify as” movement, which promotes the insane belief that human beings can change their gender simply by uttering that magic phrase. Men and women exist in reality. All those other “genders” claimed by the LGBT radicals are as meaningless as “male pregnancy” and “same-sex marriage.”

The teaching of the Bible is obvious. Pro-family based on male and female. Discourages sex outside of male and female families. The Church reflects this.

God is NOT about “feelings” but best practices. Family-based communities bring up children in homes that provide role models from both sexes so that the children can learn how to interact with both male and females.

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Families provide a lifetime support group for children and grandchildren. If they are followers of Christ, there is an atmosphere of love, forgiveness, faith, hope, and charity for each other and their communities, ideal behavior for the continuation of the human race.

Others, based on their orientation and feelings, chose a different path. Their choice. Not the Church’s. But my experiences are aligned with the church so don’t get it twisted. I just don’t believe we should be forcing individuals to accept what we think is right because it might not be right for someone else but that also works both ways.



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