The Race For AZ Governor: Here is What They’re Saying About Doug Ducey’s front-runner status

Here is some surprisingly unbiased political analysis by the Arizona media on Doug Ducey, the GOP nominee for Governor.

Arizona State University Political Scientist Bruce Merrill: “Bruce Merrill, a longtime pollster and political scientist at Arizona State University, said Ducey should be the clear front-runner going into November … ‘If Ducey runs the kind of campaign that he ran in the primary he should win,’ Merrill said.  ‘There’s more Republicans, they vote in a higher percentage than do Democrats.  The independents have not been a factor.’” (Bob Christie, “Republican Winner Doug Ducey, Democrat Fred Duval Kick Off General Election Campaigns,” The Associated Press, 8/27/14)

  • Merrill: “‘Doug ran a much better campaign than anybody else.  I think he stayed very focused.’” (Dan Nowicki, “Analysis Of Primary Election Results: Why They Won,” The Arizona Republic, 8/27/14)

The Arizona Republic’s Yvonne Wingett Sanchez: “In a new TV ad aimed at broadening his appeal beyond the GOP primary electorate, Republican governor nominee Doug Ducey emphasizes his hopes to improve the state’s economy and education.  The upbeat message, titled ‘Opportunity,’ launches Thursday on stations statewide.” (Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, “GOP Governor Nominee Ducey Airs New Upbeat Ad,” The Arizona Republic, 8/28/14)

The Arizona Republic’s Dan Nowicki: “Ducey, always considered the presumptive GOP front-runner by political insiders, was able to close the deal convincingly, mostly because of a broad coalition of support … Ducey also had deep business community support, including the endorsement of The Arizona Republic’s centrist editorial page.” (Dan Nowicki, “Analysis Of Primary Election Results: Why They Won,” The Arizona Republic, 8/27/14)

GOP Consultant Paul Senseman: “‘[Ducey] ran a carefully devised and methodically implemented campaign,’ said Paul Senseman, a Republican political consultant who personally supported Ducey but was not formally affiliated with his campaign.  ‘He has a very large and very diverse group of people who supported him from a lot of different sectors of the state.’” (Dan Nowicki, “Analysis Of Primary Election Results: Why They Won,” The Arizona Republic, 8/27/14)

Pollster Mike O’Neil: “I don’t think [Ducey] is going to have difficulty getting everybody behind him within the Republican party.” (KAET’s “Arizona Horizon,” 8/27/14)

The Arizona Republic’s Bob Robb: “[One major story is] how convincing and large Ducey’s victory was, which puts him in good stead to take advantage of the Republican registration edge over Democrats leading into the general election.” (KAET’s “Arizona Horizon,” 8/27/14)

Robb: “[DuVal] has a tremendously steep hill to climb.  Republican registration advantage is over 175,000, and turnout advantage in an off-presidential race is monumental.  In 2010, 68% of Republicans turned out, only 56% of Democrats turned out and only 41% of independents.  So Duval, to make a contest of it, has to either get a much larger Democratic turnout, a much larger independent turnout – he has to capture an unusual share of the independent vote.  And he needs a larger than usual crossover Republican vote.  Those are tall orders.” (KAET’s “Arizona Horizon,” 8/27/14)

    •  Robb: “[Ducey] did his preparatory work well.  He began the campaign largely unknown among voters but with the broadest coalition, both financial and grassroots.  So he began the campaign not as the front-runner but holding the best hand of cards.  The question was, could he skillfully play them during the course of the election.  And I think he played them very skillfully.” (KAET’s “Arizona Horizon,” 8/27/14)

Doug Ducey – “Opportunity”


Doug Ducey – “Direct Message”



The number of registered Independents in Arizona are at an all-time high this election cycle and will be the deciding factor in many statewide offices.

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