Texas Town Pays Ted Nugent 16K not to appear during July 4 event, even though he wasn’t scheduled

After rocker Ted Nugent became an issue during a campaign swing with Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, the city of Longview pulled the plug on Nugent’s possible appearance at a Fourth of July celebration.

A city spokesman said Longview and its talent booking agency were in conversations with Nugent’s agent to make him the headliner who would play inside the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Center at the Fireworks and Freedom Celebration this Independence Day.

But after the national hullabaloo over Nugent’s incendiary comments about the president and song lyrics suggesting child molestation, the city paid to keep him away.

KLTV reports, “Abbott’s Tyler stop in February came just days after a joint appearance with Ted Nugent. In the face of controversy, Abbott said inviting Nugent to campaign with him was nothing more than a way to stand firm on second amendment rights. Earlier the same month, the controversial singer called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel”, drawing criticism from prominent Republicans, including Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz.”

Gov Rick Perry stopped short of calling out Nugent but said, “Ted has said some pretty outrageous things. I have a problem calling the president a subhuman mongrel. That’s an inappropriate thing to say.”

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Wayne Dupree

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