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Texas Pastor On Trump Visit — “Was A Joy, Shot of Adrenaline”

Pastor Ken Gurley, Pastor of First Church of Pearland, said President Trump’s visit “was a joy, a shot of Adrenaline,” to the evacuees and members of the community.

Thousands upon thousands had been affected by Hurricane Harvey, and although the media has been trying to be negative toward Trump and his administration, he’s been working tirelessly before the weather event took place.

This had to be one of the fastest response, if not fastest, in showing up to a disaster by any President ever! On the outside, looking in, are the demented alt-left libtards who are still crying over their epic loss last year.

When Gurley was giving a summary of Trump’s visit, he said the following:

He came across compassionate, concerned, extremely engaged in the process.

People who laughed at this and hated on this are actually sick in the head. I don’t care if you like him or not, he’s a cool leader under pressure and is very caring. He’s sacrificed a lot to be the president. He didn’t have to do this, but instead, he wanted to help the people in this country. I love trump and his wife for being president and First Lady.

Thank you, President Trump, for not giving up even though the media bashes you 24/7, we need your American fighting spirit more than ever before. I am sure the people devastated by Hurricane Harvey appreciate your continuous support throughout this tragedy.

He is not the most politicly correct president. But who wants that! We’ve seen what happens when that type of leader sits in the oval office and it’s not pretty. Thank you and please don’t let the media get to you. Focus on what you are there to do, no matter what anyone says, and has the White House ever had a more classy and beautiful first lady?

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