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Teenager Saves Her Dad From Drowning In Backyard Pool As He Was Having A Seizure

Lauren and friend, Julia never imagined they would be in a situation like this.

Lauren’s dad, Nick, who had been working out earlier had gone for a swim in their backyard pool when he had a seizure. Nick has type I diabetes and has never had a seizure before, so when this occurred in the pool it was a surprise to him and his daughter.

As you will see in the video, Lauren wasn’t sure what was happening with her father at the beginning but then she reached in and pulled her father to safety. The mom, Abra, was pulling up in the driveway of their Ventnor City home in New Jersey when she witnessed a police unit in and hear more sirens coming.

She tried to run past the policeman to see what was the matter and when she saw her husband in the pool, without regard for what she was wearing, she jumped in to see how her husband was faring.

Abra, terrified, didn’t have a clue about what had transpired until later. All she knew is that her husband seemed hurt and she wanted to be there. Nick was breathing and his eyes were open, but he was unresponsive.

Abra learned that before she returned home that day, Nick had decided to go for a swim in their backyard pool to cool down after his workout.

Nick said he didn’t remember blacking out and falling unconscious and for anyone that has experienced that type of feeling, it has to be scary.

If it weren’t for two teenagers, Nick says he wouldn’t be alive today.


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