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Teen Who Lost Her Leg And Fingers During Shark Attack Explains The Moment!

Paige Winter has the most awesome spirit, that is for sure. She is not weak, and this interview had to second-guess a lot of things.

Winter’s attitude with everything that she has gone through and will go through would make others fall into a deep depression and probably never recover. Through all her adversity, she’s still managed to keep a positive attitude. She’s truly inspirational. I hope she ends up having a happy ending to her life story!

It was an ordinary, early June day in the water off the coast of North Carolina and Paige Winter was doing what any 17-year-old coastal dweller might do. She was swimming with her sister and brother in waist-deep water when she suddenly was tugged beneath the surface by what she thought was a snapping turtle. Instead, she had been pulled under by a shark that latched onto her leg in a terrifying attack that she survived only after her father jumped into the water and fought off the shark.

Imagine a country where everyone was like this? I love the bond her, and her father has.

She’s doing great at this moment, but we all know that she is going to go into a deep depression when reality sets in, she will need our prayers and the Lord’s help to get over this completely.


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