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Teen Slams Egg Into Head Of Australian Senator; He Won’t Be Doing That Anymore!

Australian Senator Fraser Anning was explaining his controversial statement regarding how the country was dealing with forced immigration when a teen raised his phone to get a selfie shot of throwing an egg at the back of the statesman.

I dislike violence as a means of discourse, however, intentionally throwing objects at another person is considered a simple assault, and I would imagine many people would respond as this man did as a gut reaction. My surprise was more at the old man’s ability to throw a punch!

An Australian senator who blamed the New Zealand terror attack on Muslim immigration has punched a 17-year-old boy after he was egged at an event in Melbourne.

Video footage recorded at the event appears to show Fraser Anning, a far-right independent Queensland senator, halfway through a press conference when the teenager cracked an egg over his head while filming with a mobile phone. The senator responded by punching the 17-year-old. The teenager was then tackled to the ground by Anning’s supporters and held in a chokehold.

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Anning was criticised on Friday after trying to seek attention by saying the mosque attack highlighted a “growing fear over an increasing Muslim presence” in Australian and New Zealand communities.

The Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, said Anning’s comments blaming the Islamic community for the shooting were “appalling and ugly and they have no place in Australia.” [excerpt via The Guardian]

This was self-defense. Also, Anning didn’t blame the attack on Muslims as this article claims. He just said that forced immigration of Muslims is causing fear among the population. He’s right.

No one should be ashamed to speak their opinion, ever. We don’t have to endorse it or accept it; everyone has a right to their own opinion. To suggest it be held back, kept secret, keeps all of us in the dark. We need to bring light to these ideas and opinions so that they may be fully vetted by each one of us.

That stated, there is no excuse for the youth smacking anyone in the head with an egg or anything else. That is completely unacceptable, and THAT is what should be condemned. We don’t hit people with eggs or anything else for that matter. Stand up Australia and New Zeland.

In general western cultures, left or right leaning people, are much more tolerant of Muslims than the other way around. Don’t of many places in the middle east where Christians are welcome to the same extent that Muslims have been welcomed to the west. I don’t mind some Muslims immigrating to the west as long as they assimilate and become westerns first and Muslims second.

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