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Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity He’s Bad For America; Radio Host Hits Back!

Disgraced former CBS Anchor Ted Koppel did a hit piece on conservative talk radio Sunday morning, and he went after Sean Hannity.

Koppel who hasn’t had the success and limelight he used to have before he was fired from the airwaves has always been liberal in thinking. His mindset has always been to destroy our side from counterarguing his side.

On Sunday morning he included Sean Hannity in his report and according to Sean, he heavily edited the piece. Here’s the quick video and afterward, Hannity’s response:

You can see Hannity was not pleased:

Did you notice Koppel didn’t bring any liberal radio show hosts on? I know for a fact liberal black radio show hosts string their audience along playing music hits of the past sprinkled with hate for Republicans. They’ve been doing it for years.

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Liberals have television and conservatives have radio. It’s not hard to see that. Conservatives should have more shows on television and the silver screen, but they do not, the liberal agenda does that, and if Koppel had his way, they would stop conservatives from speaking at all.

Not once did I see anywhere in the full piece where Koppel talked about liberal radio shows telling the conservative side for their listeners to have an informed opinion.

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