Ted Cruz’s Endorsement of Doug Ducey Should Raise Questions for Arizona Conservatives

Ducey’s Political Director bashes Cruz and Michelle Malkin. Does Ducey receive Common Core kickbacks?

Arizona State Treasurer Doug Ducey, conservative candidate for governor and former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, announced Wednesday that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, endorsed his candidacy for governor.

Sen. Cruz released the following statement:

The crisis at America’s border is a defining issue in the coming election, especially in Arizona. I’m supporting Doug Ducey for Arizona governor because he is the best candidate to help secure the border, protect the people, and enforce the law. He has the most serious and credible plan to address the border crisis.

As the CEO of a successful Arizona business, Doug also knows how jobs are created, and he’ll be a champion of opportunity and growth across the state. In a crowded primary field, he stands out as a consistent voice for limited government, individual liberty, and respect for the Constitution. If Republicans in Congress are going to prevail against the lawless overreach of President Obama, we need courageous and capable allies like Doug Ducey in the states. I urge all Arizonans to give Doug your vote.

The Cruz endorsement marks support for Ducey from a leading conservative voice in the Senate. His endorsement is now added to that of Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Ducey’s campaign is also endorsed by two key conservative governors – Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Mike Pence of Indiana.

The people that run political campaigns say something about the candidates themselves. Ducey’s Political Director, Anson Clarkson, has a history of bashing conservatives.

For example, he labels those opposed to illegal immigration as “closet racists”.

Anson Clarkson isn’t the guy handling social media, putting up signs or making calls. He is an integral part of the campaign as Political Director. Does Ducey share his vision and will he work to implement it in Arizona?

As you can gather from his tweets below, Clarkson thinks that Michelle Malkin and Ted Cruz spew hateful rhetoric. His career defining moment was working with Arizona’s leading liberal and race-baiter Randy Parraz to take down Republican Senate President Russell Pearce and replace him with the “liberal” Republican Jerry Lewis.


If that doesn’t make Arizona conservatives scratch their head, maybe Ducey’s ties to Common Core will.

First some background.

Achieve is a non-profit in D.C. that partnered with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA) on the creation, writing and review, development and implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Dr. Craig Barrett, former Intel CEO, is the Chairman of the Board at Achieve. He is an advocate for Common Core and, along with his wife Barbara, they donated considerable amounts of money to Doug Ducey’s campaign for Arizona State Treasurer.

Doug Ducey Kickbacks

View the complete campaign finance report HERE.

If illegal immigration, Common Core or social conservative issues are important to Arizona voters, they may want to rethink a vote for Ducey.

After carefully examining the record and background of the candidates, Andrew Thomas is the only true, non-establishment conservative in the race.

Contrast Thomas with the other candidates by enlarging the infographic below.


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