Teacher Had Sex With 15-Year-Old In Classroom; Judge Sends Her To Jail And Fines Her $1 Million!

I’ve got to admit, the Judge, in this case, has flipped his lid if they think this teacher has one million dollars to give to this student.

Just think, if the teacher had $1 million dollars, they wouldn’t be teaching. I understand why the Judge punished this teacher so severely but jeesh! I also think the boy had some responsibility here. He wasn’t a kid. He knew what he was doing and I am sure he was telling his friends.

By the age of 15, you are capable of making wise decisions. I understand that he was technically a minor, but he should not be rewarded in any way. He was not a victim.

Source: Fox News

Jennifer Caswell, 31, will be in prison for the next several years and has no money to pay the boy, her attorney said.

The former student and his father sued Caswell and the Hollis School District in 2015 over the sexual relationship, The Oklahoman reported.

The school district agreed to pay $125,000 to settle claims that the boy’s school participated in covering the sexual abuse. It won’t be liable for the $1 million against Caswell.

An attorney for the teenage boy and his father said his clients sued because they wanted to bring attention to the problem of sexual abuse by teachers.

As Fox News has previously reported, after she resigned in April 2014, Caswell had sex with the boy in a vehicle, her house and the boy’s father’s house.

After she followed him to Mississippi, where he had been sent to stay with his mother, the boy began cooperating with authorities.

The boy was 15 at the time of the crimes.

I know this is not good stuff but I got to tell ask you where were these teachers when I was a kid? Are you serious? One Million Dollars? Who wouldn’t want a huge payday like that? What is wrong with these teachers. Has porn rotted their minds too? Is there some cry of desperation for some people?

Honestly, when I was growing up, that was a different time. That time is where teachers wanted you to be something and watched over you a lot more than what they do now.

A teacher watching over a kid these days seems like they should be labeled predator until otherwise noted.

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