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Teacher Evacuated Entire Class Because Student Wore MAGA Hat

The sad thing is this student is already smarter and more tempered than this “teacher.”

Let me say that I don’t condone breaking school rules as I have daughters in school and I would never allow that in my household, but this discovery showed the bigotry in the school system and placed it front and center.

Removing and the entire class from the classroom, pitting them against this student and leaving this kid unsupervised and deprived of his education was even worse than calling him names. Neither should be tolerated in a school setting, and I hope the teacher has consequences. The kid, too, for breaking a known school rule.

I filmed this. If you want want me to take it down ask me. No hate speech/release of personal information/threats of violence allowed in comments.

In my state, it is legal for a person to record a wire, oral or electronic communication if that person is a party to the communication, or if one of the parties has consented to the recording so long as no criminal or tortious intent accompanies the recording.

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This is called “bullying,” plain and simple. This teacher is completely an idiot and shouldn’t be teaching. Did you hear the brainless children thinking that the “hat” was racist, which they learned from teachers like this?

The indoctrination of our children to “The liberal way” has been going on under our noses in the schools for decades. Don’t kid yourself that teachers’ political views haven’t been and aren’t continuing to be expressed; otherwise, why are there so many snowflakes these days in college who have no coping skills and need safe spaces from the reality of life?

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I want this student to know that he should feel very proud of himself for the way he stood up for his beliefs against many others who decided to mock him and laugh. It’s not easy to go against the group, especially in high school where social standing is everything, and he did it.

Give yourself a pat on the back. The people who genuinely do not care what others think and fight for their principles against ANY ODDS, not just the odds that look good for you are the ones who will become incredibly successful in their endeavors in life.

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