FL Mom Secretly Records Teacher Bullying 5-Year-Old Son, Calling Him A Loser!

WOW! A Florida mom secretly recorded her son’s teacher bullying him, calling him a loser and turned it into school officials.

An investigation was opened up into Rosalba Suarez, a Westchester teacher, who allegedly mistreated Kandy Escotto’s 5-year-old son. I don’t know many of you that would be angry at this parent who decided to take matters into your own hands to learn the truth about what his teacher was going to her son.

Can you imagine the destruction that this has done to this young boy?  This young boy will probably have to be put into therapy just to try to make things better.

One more thing, Suarez won “Teacher of the Year” last year.

Source: CBS News

Kandy Escotto noticed last year that her 5-year-old son Aaron was struggling with his grades and self-esteem, and he said his teacher had called him a bad boy.

Escotto wanted to know what was going on in class, so she put a recorder in his backpack for four days in October, gathering 32 hours of audio from his time at Banyan Elementary School.

The tape captured Rosalba Suarez — who has taught for 33 years and was named the Westchester school’s teacher of the year in 2017 — calling Aaron and another boy “loser,” CBS Miami reports.

The tapes also featured Suarez telling Aaron his mother was “a little lost” and was “driving me crazy.” And she criticized Aaron’s work habits and participation. When the boy at one point said he didn’t want to participate in class, Suarez asked him if his mother wanted to see “a nice job” or “a loser’s job,” according to the Miami Herald.

Sounds like a great time to sue the school, They should have just done the right thing and told the teacher to walk away gracefully or your fired. But they didn’t.

If you build a child up, speak to them positively, and treat them with respect, they are much more likely to succeed. I’m not saying sports shouldn’t have scoreboards, everyone should make the team, or that grades shouldn’t be given. However, if these accusations are true, this teacher is guilty of bullying a 5-year-old child. I commend this mother for being her young child’s advocate, stepping up and doing something about the situation.

This school system should be ashamed for even choosing this teacher for an award for teacher of the year knowing the accusations that are against her. Was there no other teacher in your school system worthy of this award? What about the teacher who turned this child’s grades from failing to passing, who had to earn the trust of a child who had been shown by his first teacher that teachers aren’t always good people, who had to prove to this child that he was not all the things this teacher had tried to tell him he was. That is a teacher who should be given an award.

In all honesty, I hope this family is awarded a settlement.

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