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Moscow Taxi Driver Plows Into World Cup Fans Injuring Eight — Then Runs Off!

The driver claimed to be asleep but no one asleep is going to turn the wheel that sharply and accelerate that fastly coming off of a slow pace like that.

They won’t say it’s terror-related because it’s the World Cup. It’s got to take a bomb in a stadium to call it terror-related as they don’t want to frighten people cause of how big and important it is. Seen the video below, it’s deliberate what this scum bag did.

Source: UK Independent

A taxi driver plowed into a crowd, including World Cup fans, in central Moscow, injuring eight. Two Mexico supporters were among those hurt during the incident in the city’s Ilyinka Street, close to Red Square on Saturday. Video footage captured by a security camera apparently shows the yellow cab swerving, mounting a pavement and accelerating into the crowd. The vehicle is seen driving several metres with people clinging to the bonnet before it crashes into a road sign.

What I see in the video makes clear he intended to do it. The way he quietly turned the car in the direction and only then accelerated. I’m sure people react differently to falling asleep at the wheel, but how many people can aim for a crowd of mostly women so accurately, and then take off like a jackrabbit after?

The way he was running didn’t look like he was sleepy to me.

Car Ramming is the technique implemented and perfected by those Arabs who pretend to be exclusively called “Palestinians” that picked it up from ISIS that originally theorized it. That’s no accident.

Rise, people, before it’s too late. Kick politicians who try to pull the wool over our eyes out of office. The most astounding thing is they expect us to believe their crap.

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