Take Our Poll: What Do You Think Should Happen With James Comey?

Are you tired of hearing about the FBI screw ups and mistakes? How many chances does FBI Director James Comey have?

I liked FBI Director James Comey about a year ago. Whenever I heard his name, I would think what I was told by the media. He was honest and had integrity. What I have seen from his office over the past year is unacceptable. There is too much inconsistency and seemed lack of leadership at various times.

Comey could be a great guy to sit down and chat, but it also seems as if he lets the DC swamp beasts run over him and this is not just my imagination. A lot of people think like me, and I think I can prove it.

Take this poll below and share it afterward. I want to get an idea what you think should happen to the FBI Director going forward.

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After thinking a little bit about it, I think Trump should do to Comey what some corporations do to unwanted execs.  Give him an office he must sit in all day with nothing to do.  No job duties.  No phone, no internet.  Run everything Comey did through others more loyal to Trump administration.  Comey goes nuts with boredom and eventually wants out.

Most people in corporations who are given this treatment get the message pretty quickly and are typically amenable to adjusting their contract terms and getting the hell out.  If Comey has any brain cells left, he’ll figure it out and want out too.

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Wayne Dupree

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