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Taiwan Goes All In! Pledges $800K Dollars To Harvey Storm Relief

With all this money pouring into Texas for the citizens of that great state, they better make sure it gets where it needs to go, or there will be some angry donors.

We’ve been here before with a significant ground shaking experience in Haiti when thousands of citizens were killed during an earthquake, and the Clintons decided to be the point of contacts for handling disaster relief. The result, people believed them and their pleas to help that country and what happened? Nothing.

Haitians were angry five years later claiming they never saw the monies or infrastructure changes that the money would have taken care of.

I am watching celebrities and big time donations pour in on an hourly level, and now Taiwan has pledged 800,000 dollars to help with the relief efforts. My thoughts are someone better account for all of it, or someone needs to pay with jail time.

Source: Washington Examiner

Taiwanese people don’t have a lot in common with Texans. But while they’re separated by culture, language, and 8,000 miles of ocean, they do know what it’s like to shelter under punishing tropical storms.

As the city of Houston focuses on rescue efforts after Hurricane Harvey, Taiwan is looking toward reconstruction. “The government of Republic of China (Taiwan),” its Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Wednesday, “has decided to donate $800,000 for local governments and community disaster relief efforts.”

According to a translated excerpt of the statement provided to the Washington Examiner, the decision stems from a shared sense of “solidarity with the victims of Harvey because Taiwan experiences typhoons every summer and fall.”

Americans and foreigners are sending their hard earned monies to help those in a time of need, and we have scammers and looters trying to take advantage of the situation.


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I thank Taiwan for their generosity, and I hope our countries become even stronger going forward. They just stepped up big time and showed the rest of the world how friends take care of each other during hard times and natural disasters.

We’ve done it for other countries, and we’ve had it done for us too. It is a remarkable act of love from another country.

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