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Admit It, You’ve Wanted To Do This To Tailgaters!

Yes, I admit I have done this before to aggressive drivers who feel they need to roll up on my rear bumper when they feel I am driving too slow.

Now, it can be dangerous as some drivers want to fight and argue while others will jump in front of you and do the same thing so I don’t condone what you will witness in the video below but I understand.

Now, we all know what the left lane serves for. If you come across a slow moving vehicle in front of you, use the left lane to pass it around and continue on your journey driving at the maximum speed. The road in front of the semi, however, seems to be full of slower vehicle, so the first SUV probably wanted to pass them all before switching lanes, but the second SUV seems to have wanted to speed thing up a bit. So they did what every respectable driver on this planet hates the most – they tailgated the car in front of them.

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