Symone Sanders Interrupted Ken Cuccinelli So Many Times, He Tells Her To Shut Up

If you noticed at the beginning, both guests were quiet while the other was presenting their arguments, but later on, in the interview, Sanders decided she needed to be heard through interruptions.

Cuccinelli made a huge error by telling Sanders to “shut up” on national television, and he will hear it from black causes sooner or later. I am not saying he was wrong, however. Sanders was all over the map with her analysis and breakdown. She was generalizing, and Cuccinelli allowed her to speak. When he wanted to talk, she continued to interrupt him, and along with Chris Cuomo joining in, it was like a two on one incident.

Both Cuomo and Sanders attacked Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, associating them with white supremacy which is nuts. It was a tense back and forth. I want to stipulate again; I understand Cuccinelli saying “shut up,” because I would also have but pick your battles because the Congressional Black Caucus and the rest of the racist black Democrats are coming for you, Ken.

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Wayne Dupree

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