SURPRISE!!!! – MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: SCOTUS Ruling Helps Mitt Romney

“But what I find interesting in all of this,” he shared, “is that you have 26 attorneys general across the country who wanted to go after this and not one of them understood, at least it appears this way, the Anti-Injunction Act, which says that the court cannot rule on anything taxing until the tax is collected.”

“Now,” he continued, “I think that this was an ideological move, beyond, by all of these AG’s around the country, that challenges health care law because they did not want to see President Obama have a victory of any sort.”

He did think this ruling counted as a “big victory” for President Barack Obama even though, again, he believes this ruling does make things easier for Romney where his campaign is concerned.

“This isn’t the perfect bill,” he added.

via MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: SCOTUS Ruling Helps Mitt Romney | Mediaite.

Wayne Dupree

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