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Supreme Court Rules — Trump Can Use Pentagon Dollars To Construct More Than 100 Miles Of Fencing

Late Friday evening, the U.S. Supreme Court gave Pres. Trump a significant victory ruling his administration could move forward with plans to utilize $2.5 billion in Defense Department funds for the construction of a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

It is a good thing we still have Supreme Court Justices who love America. Did you notice the decision came from the U.S. Supreme Court? Not some liberal bleeding heart inbreed San Francisco mafia federal trial judge on the 9th Circuit (was that over the top?). We can continue to build the southern border wall to protect our country. It will greatly minimize the votes for the out of touch socialist Democrats.

No sane person doubted that it was within his power as Commander-in-chief. Congress can pass all the laws they want but their only solution, if they disagree, is to remove him through impeachment. And of course, the Communists have gone on record, again, with their insane anti-American, anti-liberty, fascist excuses for denying voters what they organize through elections and lawfully elected officials executing their Constitutional prerogatives.

This is great news for our country. It also shows the importance of having SCOTUS judges who strictly observe the Constitution and don’t legislate from the bench or bend to public opinion from the bench. We need another Supreme Court pick or two while Trump or another conservative remains in office over the next few years.

Earlier this month, the Trump admin had asked SCOTUS to intervene in the dispute between them and the lower court’s rulings claiming that their orders “frustrates the government’s ability” to slow down the flow of drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Pres. Trump responded very quickly to the news via Twitter:

Pres. Trump initially asked lawmakers to provide $5.7 billion for the border wall, but Democrats rebuffed the request when they took control of the House. Oh yeah, Republicans never made good on their promise to fund the president’s request either.

Trump is fighting corruption, dysfunction, and greed everywhere he turns. It is now becoming more apparent to everyone how far down we have sunk over the years. Trump is getting no help whatsoever. Even from our own Congress. But he is getting some problems solved. And people are starting to realize it.

Very quickly, let’s talk about the effects of illegal immigration.

  1. Entry-level jobs go to illegal immigrants, not legal citizens.
  2. Loss of tax revenue can hurt government programs.
  3. Educational costs are rising.
  4. Hospitals and medical providers treat illegal residents cheaply or at no cost.
  5. Bilingualism divides the nation.
  6. Increased crime and terrorist activity may result.
  7. Illegal immigration removes motivation for legal immigration.

The real issue is that the Supreme Court slapped down nationwide temporary injunctions imposed by local district courts. Hopefully, this is the shape of things to come. John Roberts probably forgot to take his anti-seizure medication & didn’t realize he was voting in favor of POTUS.

Because of their corruption, lies, fake crime claims, random assaults on people, hoaxes, harassment of innocent people and false sexual assault charges against innocent men over the last couple years, real Americans unanimously agree that it is time to destroy and bury the democrat party for all the bull crap they have put this country through since 2016.

It’s so important to have a majority in the senate. The President can pick the best conservative judge, but without the Senate confirmation, we will not have the majority in the Supreme Court. Everything now goes to the Supreme Court because Congress refuses to do its job. This is why it’s so important to appoint Constitutional judges who interpret the law. Justice Ruth Vader Ginsberg is holding on for a Democrat president before she retires.

Re-elect Trump and ensure a Republican supermajority.


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