Supreme Court Won’t Review Lawsuit Against Trump’s Border Wall Decision In Southern CA

Democrats do not want President Trump to replace the deteriorating wall that separates Mexico and the United States. Democrats see illegal aliens, the one who would sneak into our country and run to the shadows to steal from those who have, as immigrants. For years now, Democrats have been defending and creating makeshift side deals to allow these criminals to remain in the states by any means necessary.

Along comes Pres. Trump, who wants to make America great again, who is made up in his mind that he wants to stop illegal immigration for the betterment of Americans and their families. What do Democrats do? Take the president the court to prevent him from doing so.

Green advocacy groups attempted to stop the Trump administration from fixing the border wall in southern California citing separation of powers. They failed.

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up a challenge to President Donald Trump’s border wall Monday, which asserted that the administration violated the Constitution when it exempted border barrier projects from environmental regulations.

The plaintiffs warn of adverse effects to local ecosystems should the administration raise a wall along the border with Mexico.

“It’s disappointing that the Supreme Court won’t consider this important constitutional issue,” Brian Segee, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), told The Daily Caller News Foundation by email. “Trump has abused his power to wreak havoc along the border to score political points. He’s illegally sweeping aside bedrock environmental and public health laws. We’ll continue to fight Trump’s dangerous wall in the courts and in Congress.

A 1996 law authorized the attorney general (and later the Homeland Security secretary) to build border barriers to deter illegal immigration. In that connection, the law gave the Department of Homeland Security secretary power to exempt certain border projects from environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act, as well as other legal rules, to ensure quick construction.

The law also restricts the jurisdiction of courts to hear legal challenges to the secretary’s waivers, and provides that such lawsuits must be lodged on an accelerated timetable.

Source: Daily Caller News Foundation

That’s funny, my copy of the Constitution doesn’t say anything about the federal government being an environmental regulator. Who knows what’s written inside the liberal version (other than abortion, same-sex marriage, the right to be any of 2,000 different sexes you want to be, wealth redistribution, and of course, global warming).

Trump needs to play hardball with the Democrats and get this border wall fully funded as soon as possible. He can start by immediately cutting off funding to Mexico and all the rest of South Latin America. Tax money being returned to Mexico at 50% to help defray the cost illegal immigration cost the taxpayers. Put big tax increases on Democrat projects, Oh you want an abortion, there is now an additional 100 dollar fee increase for this service.

Time to get to make this happen to help protect American interests.

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