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Super Trooper Pulls Over Five Speeding Cars At One Time

I’ve been in this situation before where a state trooper stood in the middle of the highway and pointed to my car and three more to pull over.

You have to have a certain talent to do what you will see in the video below. I asked the state trooper how he was able to do what he did and he informed us that we had passed a speed trap over a mile back.

Source: Rumble

Here we have a case when karma eventually catches up to you, or at least a responsible traffic officer does. We have never seen a video like this one before, but we would sure like to have been able to witness this great, great moment in person. How fulfilling would that be?

These cars were all exceeding the speed limit, thus endangering all the traffic participants in their vicinity, but they were eventually pulled over by one officer. You read that right, one officer. He single-handedly gave tickets to all of the irresponsible drivers, and we are sure that next time they will stop and think for a second before speeding on the road.

The speeding tickets they received should be a bitter reminder to all of us that respecting the law is very important, and being reckless on the road is a very selfish act, mostly because you are never alone – the people driving near you should not be jeopardized in any way.

I salute the law officer here for doing a super job. Have you ever seen anything like this before? As I mentioned this happened to me, but the difference in my situation was the law officer was standing in the middle of the road. He pointed one car to the left, one car to the right, another to the left and my car to the right. He was the boss!

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