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Super PAC Wants To Make Elizabeth Warren’s Reelection Bid “Difficult”

I don’t like Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I think she’s cancer on the U.S. Senate. In saying that, why publicly project how you are going to take her down?

Is this nation that arrogant and stupid that you have to project the way you are going to go after a political enemy? Why broadcast it?

To engage in guerilla warfare, you don’t announce you are going to use guerilla warfare

Warren will no doubt raise money off of their stupidity to save her seat. She might be unpopular but Democrats have a way of rallying around each other when attacked if that seat is particularly important.

America Rising executive director Colin Reed wants everyone to know he’s going after Warren with a vengeance.

Source: Daily Caller

In the memo, Reed says America Rising will utilize most of the tactics employed by most political research groups: opposition research, video tracking, and public records requests.

The fruits of that research and monitoring will be used to make four general arguments against Warren: that she has put her presidential ambitions ahead of her constituents in Massachusetts, that she has fallen short “of the Kennedy standard,” that she is “left of the far left,” and that she is a hypocrite on a variety of issues, including school choice and equal pay.

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“Make no mistake: with the right challenger and a favorable political climate, Sen. Warren’s 2018 re-election is no sure thing,” Reed says in the memo.

He cited a Morning Consult survey which shows that Warren has a 38 percent disapproval rating in Massachusetts, making her the second least popular Democratic senator in the nation.

“One of the lessons we learned from 2016 is that research narratives take time to sink in with voters,” Reed says.

He noted that opposition research was partially responsible for a 50-point swing in Clinton’s favorability ratings. When Clinton left the State Department in 2013, she had a net approval rating of +33 points. By Election Day the net rating was -17.

I think it’s a bad idea to announce this but who am I? I am not a think tank Republican. I am not a pollster who gets paid thousands of dollars to formulate an opinion that rarely results in a political win

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