Sununu to Matthews – Here’s your problem: you guys don’t understand there is guy at the top of the ticket

Former New Hampshire governor and Romney campaign surrogate John Sununu defends Mitt Romney’s vice presidential choice, and shares his thoughts on what Paul Ryan adds to the ticket. Here’s the deal. Matthews knows that Sununu is the Surrogate of the year and he brings a way about him that you can’t get over on him. In this interview Matthews tries to be more tougher by overtalking Sununu. He fails however!

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Sununu became agitated with Matthews when he was forced to defend Ryan’s budget but was unable to discuss the distinct budget proposals of Mitt Romney.

Matthews opened the interview by asking Sununu why he thinks Romney has made the effort to distance himself from Ryan’s budget. “This is not Ryan/Romney as a ticket, it’s Romney/Ryan,” said Sununu.

Wayne Dupree

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