FL Anti-Gun Survivors – Our March Will Target Politicians Accepting Money From NRA In Next Election

These poor misguided victims. They’re for more school shootings by blaming a little machine instead of the overseers of the people responsible for their safety.

Cameron Kasky, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Alex Wind and Jaclyn Corin joined Fox News Sunday to bash the NRA and announce a march event over the nation to call out those who support or take money from the NRA.

Why is it that all these people can talk about is gun control? They seriously think that’s the problem? Well, they’re wasting their time. If they want to deny the real problems, then, unfortunately, these things will keep happening.

Source: Fox News

Kasky, a junior, said nationwide demonstrations called the “March For Our Lives” have been planned for March 24 to bring more awareness to gun control.

“One of the things we’ve been hearing is it’s not the time yet to talk about gun control. And we respect that. We’ve lost 17 lives, and our community took 17 bullets to the heart, and it’s difficult to come back from that. So here’s the time were going to talk about gun control,” Kasky said.

“The ‘March For Our Lives’ is going to be in every major city and we are organizing it so students everywhere can beg for our lives. Because at the end of the day, this isn’t about the red and blue, the GOP and the Democrats, this is about adults and kids,” he added.

Kasky said politicians who accept money from the National Rifle Association in the next election have a “badge of shame” on them. He added that lawmakers are “either with us or against us.”

With all due respect. These High School kids pay no taxes, own no property, have no understanding of hard work, and personal responsibility and sadly have no understanding of our Constitution, Founding Fathers, the war we fought with the British to be a free country, and why we have the Second Amendment in the first place.

Their teachers do not teach them about the founding of this great country; they just slam Socialist, Liberal, Anti American propaganda down there throats every single day. They should all spend some time in a Socialist, Communist country, where only the police and government have guns.

People think that gun control will fix everything. I think more stringent enforcement of the regulations already in place would fix the problem. The following things would have prevented most (if not all) of the past school shootings:

  • Set up a database of all people diagnosed with mental illnesses who would not be eligible for gun ownership only to be accessed by gun companies.
  • Metal detectors and armed personnel at all schools.
  • Clean up  homeless veterans, give them free housing and ability to protect school grounds
  • Set up a strict protocol at the FBI for ALL potential threat warnings to school predators.

These kids have been organized and are repeating talking points. You want to stop it, then have schools locked down and have armed guards, and it ends tomorrow, but that is not and will not be on the table.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. That’s why we exist. Donate $10 today and help us continue to fight!

They need to do some factual research and become informed instead of just parroting liberal talking points that they no doubt been pointedly taught.

Poor kids. I guarantee that they are being manipulated by left-wing groups that are funding their effort. As a result, the media will label their march as an anti-Trump rally and their message will be lost. Mark my words.

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Wayne Dupree

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