White HS Students Create “Kill List” Against Black Students; Receive No Punishment!

Do you want to know why race relations are so bad in this country, just take a view at this story below?

It seems that the Administrators of Monte Vista High School in Cupertino California do not understand the severity of their choice not taking action against students who created a kill list against other black students.

How do you allow these kids to get away with talking about killing other kids?

The kill list was posted on social media LAST FALL!!

Source: AOL.com

The hit list was posted to social media last fall and according to black community leaders the Monta Vista High School, the Fremont Union High School District as well as the sheriff all failed to act appropriately.

“They created a kill list, and on the list were the names of six or seven African-American students in the school.”

Attorney Richard Richardson filed suit on behalf of one of the students on the list, that student has since left to go to another school. “They gave a specific and credible threat that they would kill her with bullets, and they talked about how many bullets it would take.”

There were other acts of racism perpetrated as well. Just two months ago a message talking about lynching “n-ggers” was posted to Instagram. The students behind the post received no punishment.

There is no discipline such as detention, such as suspension or expulsion ever considered,” according to Richardson.

The school says they investigated the incident in the fall and took “appropriate disciplinary action.”

The sheriff has said the case had been referred to the district attorney for criminal prosecution and the DA is currently reviewing the case.

Here’s the video report below:


The school district tried to cover it up?

Hard to believe this is going on in a liberal Utopia. I thought they were all about love and planet alignment. This is unheard of, and something needs to be done about it.

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