College Student Scams MAGA Supporters! Claims Family Cut Her Off Because She Supported Trump

Once again, conservatives have fallen for the okey-doke, and now it is becoming a concern.

I am not going to say that Republicans are suckers for individuals with sob stories or young kids who regurgitate talking points that they have heard on television or their parents say in the kitchen, but some of you need to take a chill pill.

Before you start giving your money out on Gofundme, you need to learn more about the cause. You would think that many people would understand that what many do not. I have seen individuals claim that they need $10,000 a month to run a podcast and they would receive it.

This story involves a college student who scanned Donald Trump supporters by pretending she was part of their group but had been cut off by her parents for supporting the president. I have honestly never seen a scam like this before, and there will be more, especially with what this young lady was able to get away with.

It seems that she used her Twitter account along with #WalkAway, #MAGA, and #BlacksForTrump and she was off to the races. She used the MAGA hat to draw in her prey for funds.

But it was all a scam!

Source: Perez Hilton

According to Karen, the MAGA bucks poured in thanks to good ol’ fashioned white guilt from her Republican donors. She explained to Elle:

“[The Republican Party] needs black faces. so they throw money at any black person that says they support Trump so that people stop thinking of them as the ‘racist party’ But it’s never going to happen… They also fail to realize that they don’t have to outwardly hate black people to be racist, because they still create policies and laws that keep black people poor and unsupported. Especially the three strikes law that they love to uphold, and it does nothing but send poor black and brown people to jail for the rest of their lives. But we’re supposed to ignore that and say that suddenly they’re not racist because they paid a black girl’s tuition? It’s laughable.”

Eventually, Karen was busted and her GoFundMe page was shut down, but not before she cashed out with a large sum of MAGA dough.

Once Karen’s fans realized they were being scammed, their true racist colors showed. She added:

“Yes, people haven’t hesitated to call me racial slurs, say that I’m just a ‘welfare bitch’ and not even in school, people telling me I’m going to jail (I’m not, my lawyer says I’m 100% okay), but there’s also overwhelming support and people that stan me which really cancels out the hate.”

Here are some more of this young woman’s tweets:

But she was found out by a Twitter account that goes under the name @Fatt_Stacks, who put this young woman on blast. Can you believe she got an attitude with the individual who exposed her?

Karen claims she went and purchased a new iPhone XS max with the monies she got from her scam.

She claims she gave the money back to the people that donated, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

According to, “Luckily for Quran, the kerfuffle provoked the Twitter fights she was hoping for when she took the MAGA-hat selfie. “There are the people who support me for being a black Trump supporter; there are the people who are asking me why, and then there are the other people who saw it was a troll,” she said of the people messaging her on Twitter.

“I can look in my DMs right now: ‘I can’t believe you finessed Republicans.’ ‘A true hero.’ ‘Sis, I stan you so much.’ ‘You’re a genius.’ ‘LMFAO, get that bread, boo. Keep scamming til the day you die.’”

She says her only regret is that she wishes a better photo of her had gone viral.

How do you feel about this?

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