FL Student Rep David Hogg To President Trump “This Is Atrocious, Golf Over Children’s Blood”

I apologize to my readers but this student is back again, and he’s going after President Trump as someone is paying him for it.

Someone needs to take David Hogg and sit him down and tell him to chill because right now he’s starting to smell himself and love the cameras more than address school protection for his mates.

I told you my patience was wearing thin with these school spokeschildren. This poor kid (Hogg) has become poisoned by Democrat brainwashers. He’s a Democrat-politician in the making. No logic, just hate. He’ll fit in perfectly.

This kid hasn’t met a camera he didn’t like. He is everywhere. The kid is learning about self-aggrandizement at the expense of his dead mates. Doesn’t this kid have a glee club meeting he’s supposed to be at?

Ok then, ban the AR15 and all rifles that look scary, now the next maniac who wants to go in and shoots up a school will choose a 12-gauge pump shotgun with a 10 round tube loaded up with Double “OO” buckshot. For mass murder, a shotgun is a much more effective tool than an AR15, especially in close quarters.

Now Mr. Maniac can shoot three for four people with each pull of the trigger Reaching into his pocket and shove some extra rounds to reload very simply and fast also. Ban shotguns!

FL Student Reps Call NRA ‘Child Murderers’

After shotguns are banned the same type of maniac goes up into some high place with a bolt action 30.06 rifle with scope and kill 14 and wound another 31 as Charles Whitman did in Texas in 1966. Ban hunting rifles!

Now the firearm that kills that vast majority of homicide victims, of course, that’s the next logical weapon to ban, so it goes too. Ban Handguns!

What does Mr. Maniac do now? Well he gets in Dad’s Monster truck and waits outside when school is letting out and runs the truck into crowd kids crossing the street, he’s happy now, he can take out perhaps 20-30 that way, what do we do now, ban vehicles?

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Let’s be honest here. When this kid rushes up to every camera in the area and rages against President Trump instead of the guilty shooter, he is not traumatized, he’s just brainwashed into the anti-American trance.

I heard this kid’s father was an FBI agent. Reportedly the shooter was bullied at school which in part warped his worldview. I wonder if Hogg Jr and his “articulate” pals are just big bullies? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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