Student BLASTS Professor For Wishing Harm To President Trump

I have a novel idea. How about teachers do not give their political opinions on anything, whether liberal or conservative?

Northeastern University’s Barry Bluestone is an economics professor who made a huge mistake. He made his personal opinion public when he insinuated President Trump disappear from the White House. Senior student Aubrey Kenderdine decided he crossed the line and blasted him for his remarks.

There is no longer any defense or justification for the garbage spewed forth daily by fringe, demented libs, ranging from this petty little arrogant symbiote to people like Nancy Pelosi, John Lewis, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters.

I applaud Aubrey for her courage to stand up and say something.

Source: Fox News Insider

Aubrey Kenderdine, a Campus Reform contributor who is a senior at the school, ripped Bluestone for his remarks.

“Here we see a respected professor advocate for violence against our president in a public forum while hes representing my university. This is outrageous,” Kenderdine said.

She added that it’s not the first time she’s encountered anti-Trump bias at Northeastern.

Kenderdine said she has also been in “one against forty” situations ideologically in her classes.

“I wasn’t surprised at all,” she said of Bluestone’s remarks. “I see this rhetoric on a daily basis from my professors.”

After this story went viral, the professor tried to clean up his statement so it would stop some of the bleeding when he said: “meant to say [he] would have liked to see the president disappear from the White House.”

How do people like this retain their jobs? I don’t care how many degrees one has this type of behavior is unacceptable for “so-called tenured professors”! Bluestone’s comments have absolutely nothing to do with “Economics.” His personal opinions are certainly not relevant to economics. If he wants to comment on economics why does he not mention the upturn in the economic climate in the country in the last year?

Bluestone ought to be very, very careful what he wishes for. Fantasizing about how he would like the President to “disappear” have a peculiar way of backfiring. He shouldn’t want someone else dead unless HE is prepared for the same fate. For all Bluestone knows, there could be thousands of people wishing the same thing for him.

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Not only does tenure need to be gone, but any taxpayer funds to these universities needs to stop immediately. Also, wake up American parents, start grassroots protests against the indoctrination of public schools.

If people protest enough and find alternative schooling, the Teacher’s Unions will collapse. The cost of colleges will go down and all these high and mighty communist professors will be out of jobs. Start demanding more vocational schools. Not every kid is college material and with their indoctrination process going full force, a kid is better off taking courses online.

Years ago, people went to work and took night courses at a college. Now with the internet, they can more easily accomplish the same.

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