Student Confronts MAGA Hat Owner And Loses It Like Never Before!

This is why the media is so dangerous. The media talking heads have convinced through repetitive narratives that a Making America Great Again (MAGA) hat symbolizes white supremacy.

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This is what happens when weak minded people are subjected to propaganda. Trump has never said or done anything to encourage racism, but the Dems have made that accusation nonstop because that is their way to keep black people from voting in their self-interest, to end illegal immigration.

In the video below, the young lady went nuclear because another student was wearing a hat, a hat.

According to an eyewitness, the high school student went up the stairs to the second floor of Blum and Nidaye  followed him. At that point, in front of the Center for Student Involvement, campus police officers intervened.

In the Griffon News video, Nidaye can be heard saying, “[The hat] is a symbol of white supremacy and I don’t want to see that. I wake up every day and see my people getting killed.”

One of the two officers at the scene can be heard in the video saying the confrontation needed to be resolved and to not tell him that he doesn’t understand the situation.

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“What we’re doing right now doesn’t help the matter,” one of  the officers said. “Don’t tell me what I do and don’t know. I’m not going to tell you what you do and don’t know, so don’t do the same to me.”

The confrontation ended with Nidaye saying to the police officer, “I don’t want to talk calmly. I want him to take it off.” [Griffon News]

She has no place telling him to take off his hat because she doesn’t own the place. However, he owns the hat, and she has no place telling him to take it off. She’s morally reprehensible and doesn’t deserve to speak if all she wants to do is silence differing views.

Robert Vartabedian, President of the University, released this statement:

“As a campus community, we cherish the freedom of expression guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, and we have an obligation to protect that freedom for our students, employees and visitors. Equally important is that we exercise our freedom of expression in a way that respects the inherent worth of each individual on our diverse campus. Ideally, we would express our views and listen to views different from our own not with an intent to start or win an argument, but to understand and be understood.

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That can be a challenge in a community like Missouri Western’s, where we have such a diversity of backgrounds and opinions. But it is vital. It is my hope that this incident can spark a period of reflection and conversation that will deepen all of our understanding of these two core values, freedom and respect.”

I know what it means to make America great again; these individuals think it is against them because of their color. If anyone has turned the MAGA hat into a racist red flag, it is the people that complain about it. The words inscribed say “Make America Great Again.”

You can’t reason with people who think their feelings are more important than truth or facts. People are wasting their money sending their kids to college these days.



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