Straight Out Of The Godfather — Turkey’s Erdoğan Gives Order For Breakout Fight!

Apparently, Turkey President Tayyip Erdoğan can’t stand opposition, even when it’s in America.

It’s time Erdoğan was slapped back into reality.

But then again, the European Union is rushing through Turkey’s approval to join them as a member. Imagine Europe and Turkey with no borders between them. It’s a dream made in Islamist Hell.

This is proof that the socialists will sell out anything to keep socialism alive. We need to stop doing business with the EU and call out Erdoğan.

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We seriously need to rethink our relations with Turkey…

  1. Pull out our tactical nukes
  2. Shut down the base in Turkey
  3. Negotiate with other nations a homeland for the Kurds who are the largest single ethnic group in the world without a homeland with hard borders. After all, they have and continue to provide protection for refugee Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq/Syria.
  4. Be smarter with our dealings with everyone else.

This isn’t Obama’s imaginary world any longer, don’t you agree? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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