Still Investigating: Actors in Sandy Hook hoax are identified (Photos)

On and before December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook was infested with espionage operatives. These operatives posed as the incredible, primarily parents. This can be easily proven, the most prominent example being Nick and Laura Phelps. This is the name these two people gave to the news media. The problem is that isn’t their names. Their real names are and Jennifer Sexton-Greenberg and Richard Sexton.

The Greenbergs and Sextons
Nick and Laura Phelps interviews by Wolf Blitzer

Yet, what is of even greater import is, were any of these individuals actually not merely acting but also impersonating another? In other words, were such individuals actually attempting to perpetrate a grand fraud? Moreover, can such impersonation be proven?  What follows is a glaring case of falsification by the placement of fake parents within the Sandy Hook region. Parading as Nick and Laura Phelps these are apparently not their real names.


Yet, one thing is certain. The Phelps’ are not actual Sandy Hook parents. Rather, they are clandestine operatives. Sexton-Greenberg had a purpose in Sandy Hook, which was to solicit an emotional response from the American public. This was for the purposes of gun control and far more.

The Sextons, aka, the Phelps

Now, there are even schemes being considered to curtail First Amendment rights. In particular, the focus was on Dawn Hochsprung, who they were retained to lionize, thus the emotionally charged conclusion to the Wolf Blitzer interview that ‘the teachers loved her’ because ‘she was such a good person.’ Sexton, Greenberg, and their ilk went to this region for one reason, which was to undermine Americans’ freedoms.

The Actress, Jennifer Greenberg Sexton
The Actress, Jennifer Greenberg Sexton


CNN specifically reported that their names would not be revealed. Even so, two of these children are apparently pictured above. Media reports say they had a first- and third-grader there, and, thus, the are ‘concerned’ and will “talk to counselors,” because, said Mrs. Phelps, whoops, Greenberg, “We are going to have to learn what to say before we say it.”

Richard Sexton
Richard Sexton

In one of their interviews, occurring the day after the event, Phelps, or, rather, Sexton, said he was alerted to the crisis through a robocall, which is likely cover for his being there in a premeditated plot. “When I say those teachers, I locked eyes with them separately. If I could go back, I would embrace them,” adding, “because I had no idea what they had gone through.” Who talks like that? Unemotional, detached, contrived. With two real children involved, it this were real, they would be real and would be with their children, consoling them, not promoting the New World Order agenda of total control, including the control of children’s minds.

It is impossible for two people to match this well. Perhaps one person could have similarity, but two with exactly the same features, also acting as husband and wife? It is them, the Pelps aren’t really who they are.

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