THEY STILL DON’T GET IT! Trump is popular because of statements like Ryan made!

I had to speak on the craziness that went on yesterday when House Speaker Paul Ryan said he couldn’t support Donald Trump at this time continuing the division that the media will eat up minute after minute.

Honestly I feel former GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s hand on Ryan’s decision but I digress.

I hate to tell Speaker [score]Paul Ryan[/score], but the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln & Ronald Reagan has long since been overtaken by corrupt, arrogant, and power-hungry politicians who have lost the ideals of the party and are completely out of touch with reality.

This is why Americans have been rising in large numbers this election cycle to support a non-politician to take the reins.

Maybe Ryan and other like-minded Republicans should look in the mirror and ask why all their policies have failed, and they have lost the country rather than ask Trump to change. Finally, we have a candidate that isn’t afraid or doesn’t put personal gain ahead of what’s good for the country. Dems will make false promises to whoever they address just to get votes. That’s hard to beat, and Trump seems to be our only hope. Look at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton they were absolute clowns on the world stage. Do you think a man who is prideful of his reputation and brand such as Trump would want to tarnish it as a world leader?

We have needed a revolution, something or someone to shake up the ideals not only of the party but our nation as a whole. We need to “Right” the ship because it is about to capsize and go to the bottom of the mariana trench never to be seen again.

The media and GOP leadership probably thought Trump would return Ryan’s childlike declaration the same way but I bet they were shocked he released this statement:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.58.49 AM

This speaks maturity in so many ways. I will point out to the fact in this response, Trump has put the people first instead of his personal feelings. That’s why Trump is winning.

Ryan is on his way out as Speaker and maybe even as a Congressman. His “conservative” policies are stale and have very little support. The voter demographics have changed in the last five years to the point that such concepts as smaller government, entitlement reforms, no increase in minimum wages, getting involved in wars around the world, etc. have declining support in face of declining family incomes, deteriorating infrastructure, increasing debt, widening income inequality, and increasing minority population.

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Trump’s proposals put American people first and as such are attracting increasing support among the population across party-lines. Ryan is still in his old-vintage world of conservatism which not many people care about. If voters continue to support Trump’s proposals strongly, Ryan will soon hear the magic words “You are fired!”

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