Stephen King Trolls Trump — Kim Jong Un Is Using Art Of War Against Trump

Author and Trump-hater Stephen King have been trying to bait Pres. Trump into a back and forth for the last couple of years and it’s not working.

King has called out Pres. Trump’s tweets along with his policies to help Make America better and more prosperous. Now, the strange and weird moviemaker is trolling the president calling North Korea’s leader smarter than our Commander-in-chief.

Pres. Trump is working on a second meeting with the NK leader to cut their nuclear program out permanently and thus being welcomed into the world of nations where Jong-Un’s economy could flourish.

North Korea has been living in the past for decades. Someone once told me if you travel there, you would think you were living int he late 50s, early 60s.

King thinks Jong-Un is using Chinese philosopher and general Sun Tzu to best Trump.

Stephen King has something to say about the relationship between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump. In a recent tweet, the prolific author drew a line from Chinese philosopher and general Sun Tzu to offer a little insight into the upcoming meeting between the two leaders, and it isn’t good for the president.

The Outsider author seems to believe that Kim has the drop on Trump and he’s using the ancient military manual as evidence for his claim.

“Unlike Donald Trump, who doesn’t read, Kim Jong-un knows The Art of War, by Sun Tzu: ‘Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance,’” he wrote.

The message is an apparent response to a recent tweet from Donald Trump in which he speaks about the upcoming meeting with the chairman. In it, he says that his representatives met with Kim to coordinate a second summit.

Original story via Inquisitr

King must be bored or looking for inspiration for his next novel. Most of you will agree with me that King should write another weird book and leave his twisted opinion to film making and writing books.

King is still angry over being blocked by Pres. Trump on Twitter, so he’s lashing out with tantrum tweets hoping that someone from the White House views the trolling and addresses it.

What a way to live a life.

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