[VIDEO] NBA Player Who Called Trump Racist, Now Says He Doesn’t Know Enough About China’s ‘History’ to ‘Speak Out’ 

The NBA are shameful, anti-American hypocrites.

They have dragged our America First President through the mud, falsely accusing him of “racism,” and hate, and have even disrespected our flag, our police, and our military by kneeling during the anthem, and now, these same globalists are bowing, cowering, and defending one of the most evil dictatorships in the world.

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You can watch the video of Curry’s attacks on Trump here:

The partnership between the NBA and China is shining a very bright light on how phony these so-called professional sports “social justice warriors” truly are.

These entitled, privileged brats will only complain and “stand up” for something when they know it won’t cost them a thing.

It’s all a stunt, started by that jackass Colin Kaepernick.

Now that the NBA has a financial deal with China, these socially conscious men are suddenly silent. You don’t see Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry demanding China give gay citizens their rights, or calling on arenas to build transgender bathrooms, or protesting for free speech, or helping those poor Chinese people who are seeking political and religious freedom get help, do you?


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You see, Curry doesn’t want to hurt his career…and he wants to make a lot more money, so he happily shrugs off the torture, spying, oppression, and imprisonment and killing of innocent people under China’s communist rule in order to keep his fat NBA paychecks rolling in.

What a great guy he is, right?

But rest assured, Curry will still impose his progressive views on you and me and call our President a “racist,” because Curry can do all of that in a free country without fear of having his head chopped off.

He’s such a brave guy, isn’t he? 

Curry was asked to respond to Trump’s recent comments against Golden State Warrior Coach Kerr. Trump called Kerr a “little boy” for not standing up to China.

Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the NBA tree, because Curry also looked and acted like a little boy, as he smirked and hemmed and hawed, claiming he doesn’t know enough about Chinese history to speak out on issues.

Does Curry not have Google? Can you believe these clowns?

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“I think with this one, it’s a leaguewide situation and our presence in China, it’s just a different conversation,” Curry added. “Coach talks about gun violence and gender equality and things that for us as being spokespeople for people who can’t speak for themselves and our communities that make a huge impact. This situation has a huge weight and gravity to it and there are some things that need to be sorted out but I just don’t know about Chinese history and how that’s influenced modern society and that interaction to speak on it.

“… I’m not dodging the question. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life so I need to sit down. Something this big that involves the entire landscape of the league and of course with a country like China, like that’s something you’re not walking into lightheartedly saying stuff off the cuff.” [NBC Sports]

You can watch the video below:

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