Stephanopoulos wife says he cried when Comey interview was out-trended by Beyonce

There’s nothing like waking up on a Tuesday morning finding out that your wife just added you as a crybaby on a late-night TV talk show.

ABC news anchors George Stephanopoulos wife Ali Wentworth went on Stephen Colbert and told him that her husband cried when Beyonce’s Coachella performance out-trended him for popularity.

What’s even better is that the country music awards held on the same night also beat the Stephanopoulos interview in the ratings.

Source: Mediaite

She went on to talk about how they all watched the interview as a family. But apparently they were also fixated on how their father was doing on social media. And he had some stiff competition.

“My girls of course who lives in the social media world, the whole time we’re like, ‘Oh my God, Daddy! Oh my God, Daddy!  You’re #1! You’re trending! Oh no no. Beyoncé. Now it’s Beyoncé. Oh no, no. Now it’s you. Now it’s you,’” Wentworth told Colbert.

She explained that Beyoncé performed at the music festival Coachella that weekend.

“Yeah, he started crying because, you know,  he didn’t want Beyoncé to beat him in the trend,” Wentworth continued. “But then he got back up and it was a fantastic interview and so it was a exciting night for the Stephanopoulos family.”

Comey has a book that is coming out real soon and he wanted to do the interview to raise interest and people buying his book. Stephanopoulos and ABC decided it was a good marriage thinking it would drive ratings, this tell-all interview.

The American people as a whole do not want to know more about this man who has uniquely given the FBI a black eye for his actions.

Did you get to watch your video, what did you think? Do you think his wife is lying so he could become a trending subject again?

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