Hoyer And Democrats Threaten Lawsuit Over Trump Finishing Wall To Protect Americans

If you are using common sense and logic as I am, you knew that the Democrats were going to pull some trip out of their bag to try to stop Pres. Trump.

Representative Steny Hoyer continues to push the narrative that experts, reporting to the Democrats, say that a wall is not necessary between Mexico and the United States.

These relics have decided not to fight for the American people and the safety of their communities. They want open borders and the ability for unvetted, unconfirmed aliens to walk across and disappear among American neighborhoods. Democrats are ok with these illegals registering their children, who have not been properly taken care of, in our schools.

Hoyer’s threat of a possible lawsuit against the President wanting to secure the borders from criminals and drug smugglers is asinine.

Majority leader says technology, more personnel at border would be more effective than barrier

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer said Democratic leadership has not yet discussed what their reaction would be if President Donald Trump were to follow through on his threat to declare a national emergency on the border to build his wall, but he said a lawsuit is certainly a possibility.

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Hoyer reiterated Democrats’ opposition to a border wall and said they’re not really interested in alternative barriers either. He said experts have said neither a wall nor fencing is what’s really needed at the border but rather technology, drones and more personnel. Democrats and Republicans remain at an impasse over border security funding and seem unlikely to reach a compromise soon to reopen the government, which has been partially shut down now for 18 days.

Source: TownHall

The true experts announced the need for a wall at the press briefing that President Trump crashed last week, and the left was outraged. Nevertheless, the left still puts forth their bullshit statement attributed to “the experts”.

I think that the public should be able to decide who is right and who is full of it. If President Trump uses the same ploy as last week and has Border Patrol personnel declare that they are the experts and they state we need a wall, the left will lose this battle.

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