CNN’s Brian Stelter Complains About Trump’s Russia Clarification

CNN’s Brian Stelter has a fetish about Pres. Trump that isn’t healthy.

Stelter along with the opposition media wasn’t happy that Pres. Trump didn’t support the intelligence agency that has attacked him over the last year or so and they aren’t happy with his clarification a few days later.

Pres. Trump is playing these idiots as chumps, and they don’t even realize it.

You can use your platform to inform or you can use it to confuse and cause chaos. CNN has chosen to use the latter in opposition to the Trump administration. For some odd reason, they feel they dipping audience is going to return and that my friends are a pipe dream that will never happen.

Source: Washington Examiner

During that public appearance, following a two-hour closed-door meeting, Trump broke with U.S. intelligence and said he had no reason to not believe Putin when he said the Russian government was not involved in interference in the U.S.’s 2016 election. Amid bipartisan backlash, Trump walked back those comments, claiming he misspoke and that he holds Putin “responsible” for meddling in the U.S. electoral process.

But Stelter, who is CNN’s senior media correspondent, decried how so many of his contemporaries took the bait.

“Too many members of the media kinda fell for Trump’s cleanup act, you know his double negative excuse, but you can’t clean up actions with mere words,” Stelter said on his Saturday show, “Reliable Sources.” “Trump’s actions are what have brought us to this place where critics like former CIA director John Brennan are accusing him of treasonous behavior.”

We already know CNN isn’t doing well in the ratings, but as I said earlier, this type of fetish is not healthy for the American people.

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