[VIDEO] Bombshell: 3 Dem House Managers Voted “No” Against Ukraine Aid

Rep Stefanik came out guns blazing after another tiring round from today’s impeachment trial.

Stefanik reflected the exasperation and frustration many Americans are feeling when she met the press afterward and proceeded to tear the Democrat’s impeachment case apart.

Limb by limb…

But where she hit the Democrats hardest was by pointing out the biggest piece of hypocrisy yet: three Democrat House Managers voted “NO” against aid to Ukraine.

Watch the video:


How do you think the Dems are going to argue against that?

It’s so ironic that they Dems actually have the gall to stand there and accuse Trump of withholding aid to Ukraine when they did the same darn thing!

Stefanik absolutely eviscerated the case from every standpoint, especially with that tidbit about Ukraine and if she were going head to head against Schiff, the entire trial would be done in a matter of seconds.

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Many on Twitter felt the same and showed their support for her argument:

“We ALL love Elise for being a strong voice against the unhinged and increasingly desperate Radical Left!”

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“You are terrific! We need more like you in DC.”

“They haven’t presented any facts yet, just opinion. No documents or witnesses.”

“Thank you for saying what the rest of us are thinking! #Wadsack4Congress #AZ02 #realDonaldTrump is innocent!!!”

We certainly do need more politicians like this in D.C., if so then maybe this sham impeachment would’ve never made it to trial.

This trial is getting more comedic by the day, with so many “slip-ups” that it’s starting to make a “Three Stooges” episode look tame.

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