Sign Of The Times — Starbucks To Pay For Transgender Employees Surgeries

Why the hell not, right? The world is going to hell in a handbasket anyway.

Companies like this keep slapping God and his people in the face and yet Christians keep giving them their hard earned money Why? Are we so addicted to their coffee and status symbol that we can’t take a stand for Gods principles?

Starbucks is a private company. It can do whatever it wants in employee benefits, just like Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A. It doesn’t mean I agree with Starbucks, though.

I am a Christian and my right to freedom of speech says I can say whatever I want to say, how I want to say it. I know my beliefs aren’t the same as others but that is what makes us unique individuals. I won’t be silenced or muffled. I do not support this company or its practices.

Source: Pink News

Starbucks has announced plans to offer comprehensive care for transgender employees, covering several procedures that are usually excluded by insurers.

In the new plan announced on Monday, Starbucks said that in addition to covering bottom surgery, they will now cover all other medical steps in a person’s transition.

This will cover several other procedures that were previously considered cosmetic – which can often be hard to obtain as insurers typically refuse to cover them.

The international coffee chain will now cover procedures including top surgeries in the form of breast reduction or augmentation, hair removal or transplants and facial feminisation surgery.

As well as covering all gender-confirming surgeries, the coffee chain will also help trans employees find appropriate doctors and healthcare providers.

As Christians, we are called to be lights to the world. (Matthew 5:14-16) Therefore, please join us in praying for wisdom in how to bring God’s glory into this situation. Also, let’s pray that those who are in leadership at Starbucks will be impacted by the Holy Spirit.

No matter what, it will always be cosmetic surgery and it will cost them a pretty penny to do so. These young men and women are confused enough without this company adding on to there mental illness yes mental illness that is what the psychiatrists are calling it now. A lot of them are saying it is caused by bad parenting from the time they are little!

Can Starbucks promise the money they take in from its customers will not be put toward an act they do not believe in? I don’t think so. It is for that reason I will continue ordering my coffee from some from other resources.

That’s the best thing about America, we have choices.

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