Starbucks Cup Appears On Crucial Game Of Thrones Episode — Wait Until You See These Responses!

I would tell anyone that I never was a Game of Thrones (GOT) viewer. For years, I resisted the call to watch the HBO show.

With that said, a special appearance by a Starbucks cup showed up in Sunday night’s episode and Twitter users lost their minds. This tweeter gave play-by-play account of the exact moment of the coffee cup, which is actually funny.

I don’t know why I just did. That changed a little over a month ago when I started binge-watching the series. When I have time, I turn it on and continue my medieval trek back in the old country. What’s crazy about this show is that it has EVERYTHING such as treachery, family, loyalty, bravery, backstabbing, bravery, hero, dragons, magic, undefeatable villain, sex, gay sex, incest, death, unbelievable death and now — a Starbucks cup.

The series is not for children and I wouldn’t be off the farm to say, it’s not for some adults, but it has a large viewership and this season is it’s last. I also learned there will be spinoffs from this great show so it will continue living on for years to come.

A lot of viewers take their show very seriously, so you can only imagine the responses the show received after viewing and learning of the mistake:

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