[VIDEO] Rush Says Real Reason Schiff and Pelosi Balked at ‘Impeachment Vote’ is Because #SpyGate Indictments Are Coming 

Many people are wondering why Speaker Pelosi and Adam Schiff refuse to hold an impeachment vote in order to officially kick off an inquiry into President Trump, instead of this sham PR stunt they have now.

One theory is that Pelosi is providing “cover” for 2020 House Dems in Trump-won districts. Another theory is that they know they don’t have anything to impeach Trump, and prefer to keep running this circus as a “SuperPAC” for 2o20 Dem candidates.

However, conservative talk radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh has a totally different theory.

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Rush believes that Pelosi and Schiff both know that the DOJ will be handing down indictments in the #SpyGate probe and they’re now scurrying to figure out how to handle the eventual  blowback.

He also states that even though we’ve been disappointed before, he believes this time around there will be actual indictments.

Rush believes the real reason Schiff and Pelosi balked at the impeachment vote is because they don’t want to be caught defending an official impeachment push, just as indictments start coming down.

Rush goes on to explain that whomever is benefiting from indictments (Team Trump) will be on the offense with the wind at their backs, which will automatically place Dems on defense, facing an uphill climbs. Rush says Dems don’t want to defend “impeachment” right at that moment.

You can watch the video below:

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