LA Sports Anchor Calls Out Cardi B Over Taking Plenty Of Money To Perform At Superbowl Party

Superstar rap artist Cardi B claims she received an offer to perform at the Super Bowl LIII. She also said that she struggled with the decision to turn down the lucrative opportunity to support ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

Ok, let’s rewind. Cardi B said she turned down plenty of money to perform at the Superbowl, but she was there performing during Superbowl LIII weekend, dancing with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. These “mixed feelings” about taking the stage seemed to have gone the way of the bye-bye, so it seems.

But she got paid to perform at the NFL Superbowl Weekend. What gives?

Los Angeles Sports Anchor Liz Habib didn’t allow the rapper to get away with that excuse. She tweeted out the following:

What kind of BS is this??? Cardi B took plenty of money to perform at a Super Bowl Party today. At The Fanatics party- she danced with Bob Kraft. What kind of selective boycott is this?

Then Liz had some words for those angry at Maroon 5 for performing at Superbowl halftime show

It seems Cardi B and Colin Kaepernick are one of a kind. They claim they are doing something for a purpose, but it turns out they are hypocrites. Kaepernick could have taken a job on an NFL team, but he probably wouldn’t have started. He claims he took a knee to bring awareness to police violence against black men across America, but he found this new direction after the San Franciso 49ers benched him.

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He’s not a hero; he’s an opportunist. Cardi B felt that if she publicly said she was doing something in Kaepernick’s name, she would be held in high regard. She took money to appear during Superbowl weekend, and that makes her a hypocrite.

Just because she didn’t perform at the NFL Superbowl halftime show for money doesn’t give her a pass to perform at the NFL Superbowl Eve Party. It’s all the same thing.

Habib was on point with her response, and hopefully, others see how much of a hypocrite Cardi B. Sure the rapper got her money, but she should also be seen as someone who didn’t stand for Kaepernick after all.

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