Speaker Ryan Is Ready To Join Trump Train Hours Before Election

It seems Speaker Ryan is ready to join the Trump campaign hours before Election Day. He even offered to join Donald Trump at a campaign stop in Wisconsin that was canceled later.

Mr. Ryan, did you just realize at 48 hours before election day that the party needs to be united? Way too little, too late. You should be ashamed of yourself – playing both sides instead of representing the people. It’s become very difficult to stand with the Republican Party.

It’s on you Mr. Speaker if we lose this election on Tuesday, you’ve played a huge part in assisting the Democrats.


From Daily Caller:

Ryan said in early October he would no longer campaign or defend the billionaire’s comments following the leak of a 2005 video showing the candidate making lewd comments about women.

“We don’t know if it’s scheduled firm or not yet, but I intend to do it if he’s here,” Ryan told reporters, according to The Cap Times. “Here’s the point: we’re going from here to Mukwonago to go campaign with Mike Pence. So everybody’s schedule is a little bit in flux in these closing moments, but if our nominee comes, we’ll campaign with him.”
Ryan is spending the final days leading up to the election campaigning alongside Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who is in a tight race against former Sen. Russ Feingold, whom he unseated in 2010.
While Wisconsin traditionally leans Democrat, the Badger State has come into play for Trump, who is trailing by just four points according to the latest Remington poll. Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, is scheduled to campaign in the state Saturday.

With all due respect, you and the other RINOs are just a little too late with your message. Mr. Trump has fought a good battle against his own party, Democrats and a corrupt and colluding media.

A unified party will still be a corrupt party, the GOP has its share of corruption internally and Trump hopefully can clean the whole mess up, but it starts with we the people not voting the same people back in every time, when that happens nothing changes.

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