Speaker Ryan — I Believe Comey Is Man Of “Integrity”

Speaker Paul Ryan just pulled The ‘ole “I don’t know him very well” trick when speaking about Former FBI director James Comey.

On Sunday, Ryan decided to not jump into the back and forth between Pres. Trump and Comey.

Maybe Paul feels that during the gay years of Barack Obama the crooked agencies might have something on him. That is all I can figure out. Comey has no integrity, Paul. Listening to the excerpts of Comey’s book, he sounds like a tiny and petty individual.

Source: Mediaite

During an interview that aired on Sunday’s Meet the Press, retiring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan did not jump on the trash Comey wagon. Asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd if he felt Comey was a “man of integrity,” Ryan stated that what he knows of Comey would indicate he is.

“As far as I know,” the outgoing Republican leader answered. “I don’t know him very well.”

Todd further wanted to know if Ryan would trust Comey’s judgment, leading the Wisconsin lawmaker to note that he really doesn’t know the ex-FBI head and he didn’t want to get involved in a “food fight” to help sell books.

He knows Comey very well, on top of that we’re not asking about him personally but professionally. Now that Ryan does not have the shackles of re-election binding him up, and a whole line of Koch he needs to complete before he leaves office, we’re going to see the real Ryan. He will demonstrate fully he’s cut from the same cloth as Boehner, very liberal, very leftist, and very anti-American.

How many of you were surprised at Ryan’s statement?

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