Speaker Ryan: Donald Trump Is A Man Of Action [VIDEO]

Let’s face it President-Elect Donald Trump saved the bacon for the Republican Party and that includes a big save for Speaker Paul Ryan. His behavior was deplorable and now reality has hit. The Republican Party needs massive changes and reorganization.

I do hold grudges because I am not perfect. Ryan needs to resign as Speaker of the House. We need a person of integrity, a person who doesn’t run at the first sign of trouble, a person with leadership skills, and a person with true negotiating skills.

From FoxNewsInsider:

After meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan sat down with Bret Baier on “Special Report” for an exclusive interview.

Ryan acknowledged that he had a somewhat rocky relationship with Trump throughout the 2016 campaign, but he said that the end goal was always unity in the Republican Party, which they now have.

He credited Trump for helping down-ballot Republicans, from the House to the Senate to governorships to state legislatures.

Ryan said now it’s about using those House and Senate majorities to get things done.

“With a unified Republican government, we can actually get things done for the people of this country,” Ryan said. “We now have that. And now, we’re working on putting the transition plans together to make sure that we can deliver that.”

The election was decided by the people who are sick and tired of BLM, athletes protesting our national anthem, boys who don’t know their gender using women’s restrooms, late-term abortions and last but not least white people who have been made to feel like the enemy the past eight years.

I was going crazy with how this country was going and could not believe this was accepted by the majority. I’m so glad that’s not the case.

What I got from watching this interview was this, Ryan is a man of self-importance who really needs to cover his own a**, and will say whatever necessary to hold his position! Too late for me, Mr. Ryan, I can’t in good conscious support someone who would turn his back on a fellow republican because the Democrats said he was bad. They stood by Clinton through a plethora of corruption and support her still! You are only happy the republicans hold the majority, you need to thank Mr. Trump for that too.

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