Somali Americans Love Our Nation’s Freedoms — More Comfortable Under Sharia Law

Ami Horowitz interviewed Somali Americans on the difference between their home country and immigrating here to the United States and the results where jaw-dropping.

Wow, after watching the video below, it’s only cemented my thoughts on how this could get out of hand and become a massive problem in just a matter of years. It is revealing how the Somali Americans expressed love for America more than their homeland because the freedoms they currently have, yet when probed further went on to say how they would want to be ruled under Sharia law.

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According to WND, “Filmmaker Ami Horowitz captures Somali men and women on the streets of Cedar-Riverside answering simple questions. Their answers to questions about Islamic law, American law and issues of peace and freedom were revealing. Several of the Muslim men told the interviewer it was “easy” to be Muslim in America. They said persecution was non-existent. They’re free to worship as they please.”

Muslim immigration to America is not a problem, but if you get enough Muslims, they will only want to take your country, and that’s the truth even if hurts your feeling to hear it. The main problem is Americans who are Americans in name only who want to import millions of Muslims and other immigrants to give it to them. Muslim immigration is a symptom, not a problem.

Hyphenated American open border billionaire globalists like Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg or George Soros who have bought the media and both political parties and have betrayed us on immigration are the problem. When it comes to immigration, we live in a plutocracy; we no longer make any real decisions on immigration, they are made for us by the elites in control.

The USA has never experienced immigrants with such logic on such a mass scale amidst such worldwide tensions. It seems Islamic law could overtake the USA in just a few generations if this mentality multiplies and divides.

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We have been promised less legal immigration and true immigration enforcement like E-Verify and secure borders for decades. Immigration, a transfer of money from labor to capital, is a racket and has always been.

Cheap labor anti-American globalists that employ immigrants and the immigrants themselves prosper from immigration and then pass on all the economic, social, or environmental costs to our neighborhoods and communities, while smearing any citizen that dare speak up against massive immigration as a racist, xenophobic bigot nativist.

I know this will hurt some feelings, but we are not a nation of immigrants; we are a nation of citizens. Some of our families immigrated here while others were brought here to be slaves. One thing we all have in common is that we have all been betrayed by the media and both political parties for decades.

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